Ramadan Kareem – DigitalHadith

Dear Allah, You are my Lord and I am your slave. I regret all my sins and ask you for forgiveness. Forgive them because only you can forgive. Grant me Mercy as only you can grant Mercy. You are the Real King. Bless us always. I love you. Thank-you for giving us Islam which is a real favour on us. Ameen

Ramadan Kareem people, if you are on FB (facebook) please do a favor on us (digitalhadith). Put this picture as your profile picture. Allah will bless you with all his mercy!

How To: Just right click on the below picture and save at your computer to upload on FB.

Ramzan Mubarak dosto, agar aap facebook istemaal karte hain to ye photo apne profile pe ramzan tak laga kar hamari (digitalhadith) ki madat kare. Allah aapko uski neymato se nawaze.

Ramadan Kareem - DigitalHadith

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